“Evil Takes Wang” cover art reveal!

Evil Takes WangThe cover art for “Evil Takes Wang” is now final.  As usual, I used Honeyshadow Design for the cover work.

I hope to get this title out there published by this weekend, but with the kind of aggressive schedule I’ve had at my day job lately I’m not so optimistic about that.  In the meantime, I’ll let the short description speak for itself about what goes on.

In this novella, we meet Eric. Four years ago, he summoned an imp to impress his girlfriend, inadvertently signing a lifelong contract. Offered his freedom in exchange for wearing a magical relic, he doesn’t expect the relic to fuse to his body. Now he can’t become aroused without his penis teleporting into whatever woman he’s looking at. When a local fertility cult kidnaps him to bring their gods out of hell, Eric and his imp must regain their freedom without starting an apocalypse!

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