New Cupid’s Armorer cover

Cupid's Armorer
Elements of cover art © Gbradic, © Ctakik.
Obtained from
Cupid's Armorer ver2
Elements of cover art © Pkripper503, © Gbradic, © Ctakik.
Obtained from

And so, my experiment in designing effective cover art for Cupid’s Armorer continues.  I’m using this title as a test; I’m trying to find a cover which gets people to take a look at it.

The original covers (the second of which is the image on the right) were black and white, featuring a cute female angel holding an HK 91 style rifle.  However, I noticed that there really isn’t any best-selling erotica with grayscale covers, and apparently some publishers actually refuse to even accept grayscale covers.  So, right now I’ve changed a few things:

1. I’ve gone to color.  Grayscale images may be a problem.

2. I’ve put the title text in white, instead of black.  I’m using a drop shadow to provide contrast against the sky.

3. I’ve switched to only showing Clint, the armorer, and from a different angle, without a gun in the picture.  I’m told that in general, erotica with good looking guys on the cover sell best.

So, I’m going to see how this turns out.  If Cupid’s Armorer starts selling as well as my other titles once its new cover is approved by Amazon, I’ll have a few more things to keep in mind about cover design.






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  1. Marc Cabot Avatar

    New cover: way better.

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