My first completely free eBook

I actually pretty much saw this exact outfit on a different blonde in real life.
Jade taunts Brent with her body, tempting him to make a move

I realized that it’s probably not fair to get my eBook-reading fans used to reading my material on their nice, convenient Kindles and Nooks and other devices, but then only release my free story on the web.

So to take care of my eBook fans, I’ve created an eBook of “She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral”, and released it for free on Smashwords.  I think it’s some of my better work, and the fact I saw Jade in real life (although I don’t know her real name) made it that much sexier writing her character and inventing a reason why she’d sleep with Brent.

I won’t bother with an excerpt here, because you can read the whole thing if you want, either over on Smashwords, or on (direct link).  It’s also available now on

The one thing I would ask is that if you like it, you post a review, tweet about it, upvote it over on, or otherwise do something to help with the publicity.  This one is completely free and will be staying that way, so the only compensation it brings is the pleasure of knowing that people are reading it.

…that having been said, in the less than 24 hours since I posted it on, it’s had over 4,000 views.  That’s pretty damned awesome in my opinion!






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  1. Uzoma Avatar

    I will head over Smashwords and hopefully review it. Congratulations on publishing it.

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