Survey: What do my readers want to read?

After writing on an informal basis for a year or so now, and a commercial basis for about a quarter, I figure it’s about time to ask my readers what aspects of my books they like the best. To that end, I’ve attached a multiple choice poll.

Please keep in mind that “not my kink” is a totally acceptable perspective to come from.  This isn’t a “what do I write best” poll, it’s a “what parts of my stories do YOU enjoy the most?” poll.

What I’ll mostly use this for, is setting priorities.  When a project speaks to me, it speaks to me and that’s that.  I can’t work on Progenitor when another project won’t shut up about what I need to write next, and I can’t work on either one if Brent is busy mooning over another girl who wore some sexy apparel to a funeral, gas station, or other random place.

But there are times when one story isn’t speaking to me any louder than the others, and I’d like some input from my audience on which ones I should prioritize on.  I’d appreciate some poll feedback towards this end, and as always feel free to say more in the comments down below as well.






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