Hurry up and get Amazon, Smashwords

I just submitted Progenitor to Amazon directly, as Smashwords doesn’t yet have an automatic publishing option for it.

In other news, my other project is going along at  800 words per day for the past two days.  It’s probably around 14k words now, and the sexiest thing that’s gone on has been a couple of bathing scenes.  But it’ll get going in a bit… she just softened towards the wolf a little, and he hasn’t really come to her rescue just yet.  She’ll ultimately stuck trying to choose between a hunky Viking and a werewolf.  Decisions, decisions…

At home, I’m working on an eBook version of Merlin’s Magic Wang right now.  There were a lot of scenes that I just didn’t write when I was writing it initially.  Since I was putting it out for free, I’d skipped over things I knew I could’ve wrung some additional sexy scenes out of, because I was in a hurry to start getting comments back on it.  As a free author, your only pay is recognition… that, and maybe vote rankings.  I found that my shorter stories were more likely to produce comments and votes, so after Morgan’s Curse fizzled for comments, I kind of gave up on longer stories.

But now that I’m writing eBooks, I feel like if someone’s going to pay money, they should get the “Director’s Cut”.  They should get the full story, not just what I didn’t skip over.  When I eBooked Progenitor 1, for instance, it tripled in size because I knew where the gaps were, and I even knew what happened – I just hadn’t written it down.

Merlin’s Magic Wang is getting that treatment.  Have you ever considered what it would be like, having sex with a runner or a swimmer – even a beach volleyball player – while they were actually performing their sport?  I’ve wondered, but our protagonist doesn’t have to wonder about it…

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