Overview of my work

For those who don’t know, I write erotic science-fiction and fantasy with a special slant towards pregnancy and birth fetishes.  My two best known series are “Progenitor” and my Arthurian series, which started with “Merlin’s Magic Wang” and continued with “Morgan’s Curse”.

I’m presently still working on Progenitor 4, and in the Arthurian universe I’m working on Mordred Rising.  I haven’t been writing much new content lately though, because I’ve been going through and overhauling my existing stories to correct certain grammatical gaffes which I was prone to, and doing the typical 6mo-after-writing “Oh, I can’t believe I missed that” corrections.

I’ve been following a one-story-per-month (re)release cycle lately, and hope to soon conclude my editing work and move on to finishing the Progenitor eBook in January 2013.

I’ll be posting teasers for upcoming stories here, from time to time.







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