Morgan’s Curse, Part 1 / 4 posted

I’ve just posted the first quarter of Morgan’s Curse (sequel to Merlin’s Magic Wang) to  I would’ve posted it to too, but they were down at the time.  I’ve made the decision to break my longer stories up into chapters when posting them.  This is lets me post the beginning when I haven’t finished editing the end.

Those who want to read it, can hit the following:

Edit: is back up, and the first chapter of Morgan’s Curse is online there now.

On a side note, if you like Morgan’s Curse and would like others to see it, I could use a few upvotes on (the link above).  I seem to have this trend lately of getting 2-3 down votes within a couple hours of posting, which leaves the story slowly fighting back up the leaderboard from the bottom.  Not sure why it is that the first folks to look at it are much more likely to downvote it than the next several… maybe it’s because the later folks only see it from the ‘pregnant’ or ‘fantasy’ categories, so they’re already looking for the content in the story as opposed to folks reading the ‘new’ or ‘unrated yet’ categories who may not be into it.



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