Present State Of Affairs

Divorce #2 is pretty much a thing

Just as an update, since my last post was that I was taking some time off of writing to try to save my marriage – things are pretty much decided at this point, that my wife and I will be getting divorced. I expect the next couple of months to be hectic with paperwork and then her moving out, and then settling into the new routine with the kids. And as I re-read my subject line… nope, I haven’t had an affair, and as far as I know neither has my wife. We may have a ton of problems, but infidelity has never been one of them.

My readers will be pleased to note that I have set a tentative publishing schedule for resuming writing – I intend to get back to things in November, and my release calendar on the site here has been updated to reflect this timeline. My first priority is split between finishing out Progenitor 4, and resuming work on The Fallback Plan, and then to finish out Winning The Genetic Lottery 2. I intend not to start any new stories until I’m confident that I know how much time I have in a given week. I would rather regularly update one or two stories than spread myself too thin with 4-5. After all, this Vella / Ream experiment has shown me that while some fans do love seeing fresh chapters, there are considerably more fans who wait for the eBooks to release.

So, going forward I will focus on fewer in-progress stories with faster updates, driving forward to completed eBooks so that I can start the next one. Instead of having four stories in progress which publish in ~6mo each, I’ll drive for two in progress which publish in ~3mo each.

I’m slowly getting back to writing already, but I know better than to give a John Wick, “You know what? I think I’m back” statement when things are still in flux, and I don’t know exactly what my day-to-day routine will look like with the kids and custody yet.

I do owe my readers on Ream and Vella a few chapters to catch up on the backlog I had before I paused writing (they’ve already paid for those unreleased chapters, so they’re absolutely going to get sent to them), and I will release those chapters as they become available. But once those are written, I want to build up a release buffer to ensure that releases happen on schedule whether I am tied up or not.

On the personal note, she’s bought a house about a half hour’s drive away, and I am not likely to be dealing with the (lengthy) bedtime routines with my kids anymore, and my evening cleaning duties and such will be greatly reduced. I therefore think I will be getting back to writing once things settle down

I appreciate all of your understanding as I took the last few months off of writing to try to save my marriage. Ultimately it didn’t work, but I will never have to ask myself in the years to come, “What if I had just put in some more time and effort?” I have a policy of trying to live with as few regrets as possible, and this is a regret I know I would’ve had if I hadn’t tried.






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  1. Sean O'Neill Avatar
    Sean O’Neill

    Ken, I’m so sorry. I hope that the two of you remain friends for sale of the kids. Good luck with the paperwork, I hope things get better for soon.

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