Writing temporarily paused for personal reasons

As a brief summary – my wife and I are having marital issues, and I need to take time to sort that out if I can. The last thing I want to do is spend years in the future going “Gee, I might not have given my kids a broken home if I’d just taken some time off of writing for a while”.

For those who are on my subscription plan with Ream, please be aware that you don’t need to do anything about your subscription. I’ve had Ream stop the clock on those subscriptions, so you won’t be billed again until I am back on schedule. As long as your sub is active, you’ll still get access to the four new Fallback Plan and two new Genetic Lottery episodes which I’m behind on, as they get written.

As for my hiatus, it probably won’t make a difference at all. But if things do end badly and I DON’T try this, I will always wonder if things might’ve been better if I had.

For the record, I started writing erotica while going through my first divorce. I hope there isn’t a second – but if there is, I’ll probably write a whole lot more.

The second ebook of The Fallback Plan still releases on June 1st. After that, I do promise I will finish the series but I can’t promise exactly when. I appreciate your understanding in this matter.






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