Fallback Plan vol2 uploaded

Just letting folks know that since the text is done already, I’ve uploaded Volume 2 of The Fallback Plan to Smashwords, and set its release to 2023-06-01 as I previously stated. This volume contains Episodes 15-24 of The Fallback Plan, and I expect to release Volume 3 on 2023-07-01.

I’ve also set a presale on Smashwords for Volume 1. It’s a little silly, but so is having a pre-order in the first place. If you want to read it early, go ahead, you can buy it early. This is the first time I’ve tried a presale, but it seems like a bit of harmless fun, so I might as well.

At any rate, my readers might find Larry Correia’s blog post here to be interesting. It’s about folks being reluctant to start reading new series thanks to certain authors who have been made wildly successful by the start and middle of their series, and then just sort of stop updating. Regardless of your opinions on Larry (mine is positive; I’ve met him in person and feel he gets a lot of anger press from folks who disagree with his politics), he makes a point. I personally find it risky to get into a series if I don’t know it’s over, or that there are continuation plans for it. I mean, the “Dune” series is what I would be more worried about than GoT, but the point is the same.

So, I am trying in my own way to be mindful of these concerns for my readers. I realize The Fallback Plan is not a gigantically long piece, but it’s 94k words long as of this writing, and if folks look at how long it took me to put out something after Progenitor 3, one might have some concerns. I could walk out in front of a bus tomorrow, and then where will the ongoing story be?

Well, my wife has access to my computer, and has been told that – should I die – she can take either of two paths:

  • Select the ‘outlines’ folder from my Scrivener project and publish those to this blog. From that point on, you fans are in control; I’ll be dead, so I’ll never see what the overall consensus does to my stories. I might be better off that way, in some cases. Anyway, this would at least give the direction that I had in mind for things.
  • Hand the outlines over to some trusted author to finish the stories out according to my outlines. No, I am not taking applications; my life expectancy has another 40 years left. Should I die, my wife will have posted something to my page, and folks can start applying then.

I am under no delusions of greatness here, but even TV shows have continuity plans in the event of their creators’ passing. And while Larry’s point holds true that authors don’t have some contractual obligation here, I think the ‘good human’ thing to do is to assure folks that there are plans in place to ensure they don’t see yet another unfinished series.

The outlines I have are enough that another author would certainly be able to finish out all my current episodic stories, plus Progenitor 5, with relative ease.






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