Progenitor 1 reached top 5 free sci-fi erotica on Amazon!

I have to admit that this makes me proud. I made Progenitor 1 free a while back (I’ve been asking Amazon to do this since ’14 or so, but they kept refusing until recently).

As of this moment, it’s at #5 on the free sci-fi erotica category!

It’s the only story I’ve written where I’ve found a bunch of people over the years saying different versions of, “…so, I didn’t know I had this kink until I was reading Progenitor and then something happened in my pants”.

On a Progenitor related note, we have a very approximate release timetable for Progenitor 4.

The outline for the rest of Progenitor 4 has been written, and future episodes may end up splitting or combining. But, the story should wrap up around Episode 12. Episode 6 just dropped, so we’re halfway through the plot now. Most likely, Progenitor 4 will wrap up when Ep12 releases on 6/21/23.

Due to Amazon’s policies on Vella, they get a 30 day or so window before the eBook gets published. So, Progenitor 4 should be available as an eBook some time in August. I’m giving some extra margin of time just in case part of the story runs too long and I end up needing to do 13 episodes to close it out properly.

In the meantime, folks who want to read Progenitor 4 can create an account on and they’ll be all set for when the nice folks at Ream get the Stripe integration working again. Progenitor 4 does get released chapter-by-chapter on Ream – it’s on the same schedule as Vella releases.






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