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I just noticed that the most recent post about The Fallback Plan on my blog, was announcing episode 10.

Well, I am happy to say that I haven’t missed any deadlines yet.

  • The Fallback Plan is at Episode 21 as of 3/28/23 (now), with 22 released on 4/1/23
  • Progenitor 4 releases Episode 6 as of 3/29/23
  • Winning The Genetic Lottery 2 is at Episode 7, and releases Ep8 on 4/3/23

I have to say, the reader response to my works in progress has been surprising and humbling. I’ve gone the last five years feeling guilty that I hadn’t finished anything lately, and feeling like everything has to be perfect or nothing at all. If this had been around back in 2017, I probably would’ve taken things slower than I am now (after all, my life was much more chaos back then!) but I would’ve at a minimum gotten one chapter out there every two weeks.

Episodic publishing has really changed that equation. I am still going to make the final eBook version as polished as possible, but I no longer feel this crushing weight of needing to complete everything before it can see the light of day. This means the story arcs move forward, and … in the end, that’s what really matters, right?






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