I have an actual, real life son

So, my son was born in early April. It was a C-section unfortunately, but the important thing is that my son K (yes, that’s going to get confusing with my wife K, isn’t it?) is healthy and sound.

Afraid there will be no pictures, but you can rest assured that the family is doing well and I’m taking advantage of my paternity leave to get some writing done (naturally, taking care of my wife and child come first, but there IS downtime). Progenitor 3 in particular is moving right along…

I should also mention: This kid is just over a week old, already holds his head up, and has flipped himself over once (from his back to the front). He keeps more or less disregarding the age he’s supposed to be able to start doing these sorts of things. If he keeps going the way things have been going, he’ll be crawling at one month of age. I just hope he doesn’t turn out to be a reincarnated ancient wizard or something. That should stay in the stories dammit!






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