First post!

Never thought I’d be so crass as to first-post my own site, but here we are. This blog is meant to keep the fans of my various fictional series in the loop on what I’m doing lately.  I’ve had my material on a handful of sites for over a year now, and I’m getting tired of checking comments on them every day.  Plus, only one of the sites I post on actually provides blog functionality, and even that has no commentary available.  Other than the numbers which keep slowly ticking upwards, I’ve got no real reader interaction there.

Sooo, the ground rules:

  1. Disagree with me or each other all you like, but I do reserve the right to remove posts at my sole discretion.
  2. Politics and religion are not the focus of this blog, although they may come up.  Just be aware that these are hot-button issues which may distract from the discussion and cause me to invoke rule #1.
  3. Full disclosure: I’m working towards commercial eBook publishing for some of my stories.  The eBook editions are expanded vs the free editions, and contain additional content meant to make the people who buy my material happy.






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