If you’re on this page, it is most likely that you are actually in the wrong place.

eBook Support

I am a writer, and I furnish stories to my distributors. Unless we are talking about a subscription platform, I have no direct access to your customer account, nor do I have any authority to refund money or anything like this. If you have bought an eBook and need a refund or some other similar service, please contact the place you bought it from – i.e. Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. They have access to your customer information and can process your refund.

Unless you purchased via Reamstories, any book you may have bought did not come directly from me, and therefore you will need to contact the seller. It’s also somewhat possible you might have bought a pirated copy from an illegitimate seller, in which case I’d love to know about it. (BTW, there are a ton of sites which look like piracy but are actually just farming affiliate links to Smashwords – in this case, you can legitimately contact Smashwords. The key will be if you have an email from Smashwords saying the sale is complete).

If your question sits somewhere else in this, feel free to send an email to me at Just be aware that within eBook sales, it is kind of unlikely that I will have a direct ability to affect your situation unless it’s a content error like “Hey, you may want to know that you accidentally pasted a chapter of another story into this eBook”.

Subscription Support

Subscription customers on Reamstories do have a direct relation to me because those are processed via my Stripe account. For anything related to a Reamstories subscription, I am the right person to talk to about any issues you’re having. You are of course also welcome to contact the support team at Ream for any help they can provide, but if you’re having issues such as chapters not showing up or something, this is probably something I can fix.

I do not maintain a phone number which can be called (as mentioned above, I have a day job!), but I do try to check my email daily. Please do feel free to send an email to me at, with whatever your support question is. I strive for 24 hour turnaround, but there are circumstances where I may not be able to check it for a week.


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