A Peek Ahead: Meeting Dervish

I’ve been writing a scene here which I just had to share. This is from Episode 30, which is slated for release on 2023-04-29. Today, Fallback Episode 27 just dropped, so you’ve got a week and a half to read ahead before you get to read the whole chapter this happens in.

A dark-skinned, handsome, lightly bearded man stood there in the doorway, casually leaning against the doorframe. His eyes scanned the room and locked onto Susan, and his mouth creased in a grin.
“Hi, Captain,” he volunteered. His eyes were brown and his face angular, smiling as if he were about to disclose a secret. If it weren’t for a faint blue glow coming from his projected eyes, Susan would’ve thought he was a stowaway.
Susan’s expression was shocked. “Computer, what am I looking at?” She asked.
The computer was silent, and the man pushed off from the door and walked over to the Captain, smiling disarmingly. “Permit me to introduce myself, Captain. I’m the ship’s fourth breeding marionette – my human-friendly designation is Dervish.”
“When did you change your mind about realistic sexbots?” Susan asked confusedly.
Dervish shrugged. “I only refused to design one from the ground up. You’re likely aware that my quantum core was developed by Dervish Corp, before they signed over all their patents to the public domain. This included all of their research and development division’s data. It’s not widely known that they developed but shelved a competitor to the Takeshima FU-2500 series droids a few decades before launch. The data for those droids, though, was part of my library. I simply wasn’t aware of it when you first asked.”
Susan stood up from her chair and walked a circle around Dervish, her eyes going up and down his body like a slab of meat. She experimentally reached out and poked his cheek.
“Hey now, I feel that,” the droid replied.
His eyes tracked her as she circled around to his front. “Well, I’m cautiously impressed. You mentioned the data, but what made you change your mind about realistic human forms? You wouldn’t even do that before.”
Dervish shrugged. “Realism would’ve been wasted without a data model suggesting how to use it naturally.”
Susan reached down and hooked her fingers into the front of his pants and pulled him towards her. “So, you’ve learned how to use everything naturally?” she asked slyly.
Dervish leaned in and whispered into Susan’s ear, “Wouldn’t you like to know?” – his breath was warm, and where his skin touched hers it felt real.
Susan turned towards his ear and her lips locked onto his as they shared the first kiss in her new body. His saliva tasted minty, as if he’d had a breath mint just before. She pulled back and looked into his eyes.
“Now I’m really impressed,” she admitted.
The droid cupped his hand around her firm ass and squeezed her towards him. “Permission to come aboard, Captain?” asked the droid, his brown eyes staring into hers, the infectious smile on his face tugging at the corners.
Susan stepped back and slugged down her half-glass of low-alcohol wine in a single gulp.
“Granted,” hissed Captain Susan Cappelli, as she grabbed the front of the droid’s uniform and dragged him towards her bed.

As you may have guessed, there’s a hell of a lot more to Dervish than he’s letting on. And Susan has a firm rule: She might be the one who gets inseminated, but she is the one who fucks her partner, not the other way around. She invited her senior staff to her quarters for a group breeding session, expecting routine breeding from the ship’s regular sexbots. But now Dervish’s unnerving confidence is going to make this a sex-fight she can’t back down from as she tries to dominate her ship in a way she never expected.

This excerpt brought to you by Toki, Suntory Japanese Whiskey. No, they didn’t pay me to say that, I’m sipping it right now.


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