Ken Haramiru On Vella

The Fallback Plan – Click Here For Vella Link

What’s Inside: Science-fiction erotica mystery set on an AI-driven colony ship, with a super-heavy dose of breeding, rapid pregnancy, birth, self-love, AIs, and robot sex. As the plot develops, some violent conflict does occur.

Progenitor 4 – Click Here For Vella Link

What’s Inside: Science-fiction erotica focusing on alien-powered rapid impregnation, egg laying, and tons of sex scenes. While there is a plot, the main point of the Progenitor series is breeding spice.

Winning the Genetic Lottery
Winning The Genetic Lottery 2 – Click Here For Vella Link

What’s Inside: Modern setting super-rich harem breeding erotica. The main character has been given billions of dollars to pursue his goals of becoming the most prolific father in history. The plot here is focused on corrupt local politicians endangering his family, and the main character responding by running for mayor of the small town his super-sized family with hundreds of women and children live in.

For folks ineligible for Vella (outside the US, etc) – see my subscriptions page, where I list other services providing access to the same content.

I also have a number of eBooks (including the earlier entries in the Progenitor and Genetic Lottery series) available – check the “My Stories” drop-down from my main page.


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