Month: September 2013

  • Porn sites and food delivery ads?

    I found this to be fascinating reading, and I imagine most of my author friends (and probably readers too) would find it amusing as well. Basically, is a food delivery site which facilitates delivery service for local restaurants without their own delivery service.  They’ve hit upon the idea of advertising on porn sites, since…

  • “Evil Takes Wang” posts should start this week!

    It’s been a while since I published something in my “Breeding Camelot Style” universe, and that’s about to change. “Evil Takes Wang” is now the final title for this story. I’ve sent it to my cover artist, along with some ideas, and I hope to be ready to publish by the end of this week.…

  • Initial Authorstats Release – author statistics for all!

    First release of Authorstats today For those who have missed my postings about statistics and tracking sales, fear not – I haven’t retired from being OCD about it to roll around on top of my vast stacks of money, or anything like it.  I have finally released authorstats on!  Authorstats is the set of…


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