Month: May 2013

  • Et tu, author backlinks on Amazon?

    This is about author pages.  Mine is located at and has been there for a while.  It doesn’t surprise me much that Amazon has flagged my author page as adult, and I no longer show up on search if you enter my name.  I used to, before they did that recent round of “let’s hide […]

  • So far, so good

    For my other author friends who may be considering the plunge to their own hosting, here’s my list of my things I’ve discovered, either in my research or once I got set up: Probably you should use a hosted service like Godaddy (which is what I did).  It’s $2.99/mo and includes domain registration.  Maintaining the […]

  • registered

    So, I’m going to use one of the Godaddy-managed WordPress hosting instances to host this blog from now on, moving it on from to  Along the way, I’ll pick up some new features, such as a lot more ad banner control. It will also hopefully give me, a decent way to reduce the […]

  • Amazon embarrassed to admit it hosts erotica?

    Well, that explains it.  I wondered a while ago, why my author page stopped showing up if I typed ‘haramiru’ into Amazon under the basic search banner, and 3 of my 8 titles had disappeared. It seems that Amazon has decided that it doesn’t want to admit it hosts erotica anymore. So, they’ve ensured now […]

  • A little peek at Progenitor 2

    This is a sample of some of the new content in Progenitor 2.  Faye is a new character with a medium-length story arc of her own.  She’s not immune to his pheromone charms, but as an infertile woman, she won’t have any of the hormonal cues to forget him either. === Every young man imagines […]

  • About halfway done with Progenitor 2’s extended edition

    Ken Haramiru’s “Progenitor 2” eBook halfway to release! I’m pleased to announce that I’m about halfway done with the “Director’s Cut” of Progenitor 2.  It features  a lot of content which isn’t in the free version (a kinky scene with a female cop and handcuffs, a girl he meets at the hotel, and others) and […]

  • Nothing new for a bit

    Unfortunately, I haven’t been doing much lately.  Having to switch laptops (from a very writing-conducive Mac) to a number of less-powerful PC laptops running Linux has left me searching for a workflow that works for me. Which is not to say that I was using the Mac as a Mac.  No, I was using it […]


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