2012 Anthology in print and eBook format!

Good news: For those who want paper versions of my stories, there’s now an anthology of all my stories over the year of 2012.  The paperback edition is now on CreateSpace for $15.99, and the eBook is on Smashwords for $8.99.  For the cost conscious, the eBook gives you $14.95 … Continue reading

Upcoming anthology of my 2012 titles – ebook AND paper!

The title pretty much says it all.  I just submitted my first anthology to Createspace earlier today, and soon I’m hoping to have a print version available for those who’ve said they want it in paperback.  If it doesn’t sell, no big deal, that’s why “print on demand” is awesome. … Continue reading

Strange “ghost sales” on Amazon

So, as regular readers may know, I’ve written software which checks all of my titles for salesrank on a daily basis, and lets me know when it goes up.  Typically, this means that there’s been a sale within the past few hours. The interesting thing is that over the past … Continue reading

Cupid’s Armorer is no longer Amazon-exclusive!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say again: I don’t like permanent exclusives.  The three-month KDP exclusivity agreement on Cupid’s Armorer is now over, which means it’s now been released on Smashwords and All Romance Ebooks.  It’ll eventually be on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc as well. I’ve got an … Continue reading

Improved cover for “Cum In Me If You Want To Live”

I managed to find an appropriate free font over on dafont.com, and I added a gradient fill background. Also used levels on her skin to darken and improve contrast, which left the layer with the red glow in her eyes really visible. Then I used a drop shadow around her body … Continue reading

“Cum in me if you want to live”

I just had this thought for a sexy inverse Terminator movie.  I might have to do something related to that, in the same way that Progenitor is related to Species. Hearing a sexy Kristiana Loken lookalike uttering that line… yeah, that’s pretty hot. Cupid’s Armorer has been revised and extended. … Continue reading

“She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral” FREE on Amazon now!

“She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral” is finally FREE on Amazon.com! I don’t know whether it was the repeated price match requests which I and others have submitted, or my email to Amazon two weeks after we’d started requesting the price matches, but this story is now free … Continue reading

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