eBook of “Merlin’s Magic Wang” now available!

Merlin’s Magic Wang, one of my hands-down most popular stories ever, is now available as an eBook!  You can either buy it from Smashwords or Amazon.  Over the next week or two, it’ll start trickling into the various stores such as Barnes + Noble, Kobo, Diesel, etc etc. As is my custom … Continue reading

“Fuck Me Running”

“Fuck Me Running”.  Isn’t that such an interesting phrase? While its meaning is clear in context – it’s an expression of surprise and astonishment – it really does bring some fascinating visual images to mind.  Unfortunately, none of them are very practical, just due to basic human anatomy.  Too bad there’s … Continue reading

Progenitor’s now made it into the 28k range on Amazon

I’ve started using Novelrank.com to track where Progenitor sits on the sales charts, and it seems to be picking up steam now, after its release on October 17th.  This is the first it’s broken the 30k barrier, and hopefully it’ll keep improving. This weekend I’ve been focusing on “Merlin’s Magic … Continue reading

New edition of Progenitor out for Smashwords readers

So, I just fixed some formatting issues which had previously caused Progenitor not to have any actual chapter divisions in the NCX file.  This means that you can actually select Chapter 1, Chapter 3, etc, from the side of your reading device. The wonders of digital publishing means that all … Continue reading

Now I understand why gamblers play for money

I finally understand why it is that gamblers are dismissive of playing for poker chips, and prefer to play for money, even if it’s just pennies. It’s the same reason that I’ve recently discovered that I love publishing eBooks.  It’s not because I expect to roll in money and fame, or because … Continue reading

Progenitor is now on GoodReads

I keep learning new things about reaching my audience.  The latest of which is that Goodreads is sort of the standard “meta-discussion board” for any given eBook out there, including erotica. The kind of neat thing is that I can actually toss trivia questions out there for fans.  Maybe once … Continue reading

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