Covers for my next two eBooks commissioned today

Today, I asked my graphic designer to start work on the covers for my next two eBooks.  Time will tell which book I finish first, but my new project and “Merlin’s Magic Wang” are both being actively worked on.  When I get tired of working on one, I work on … Continue reading

Hurry up and get Amazon, Smashwords

I just submitted Progenitor to Amazon directly, as Smashwords doesn’t yet have an automatic publishing option for it. In other news, my other project is going along at  800 words per day for the past two days.  It’s probably around 14k words now, and the sexiest thing that’s gone on has … Continue reading

Progenitor eBook is out now!

As previously promised, the first Progenitor eBook is now live on Smashwords!  The first 1/3rd or so is what you’ve already read as Progenitor 1.  The remaining 2/3rds though is new, never before seen content which takes place between Progenitor 1 and Progenitor 2. It’s about three times longer than … Continue reading

Progenitor eBook release this month (hopefully)

I know I’ve said in the past that I’ll release the first Progenitor eBook towards January of next year, and that I’d be releasing Progenitor 3 this month. I realized earlier today that I’ve been an idiot, and that intentionally sitting out the peak eBook sales season is probably the … Continue reading

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