Finished re-organizing my stories

Now each of my stories has its own separate page I recently realized that the fairest way to arrange my stories, both to the publishers and to the readers, is for each story to have its own page, where I list all of the retailers which carry them. Before, I’d … Continue reading

Two online bookstores closing up shop this month, and free story updates

Two online bookstores are closing up this shop – Sony and Diesel.  It’s a pity to see them go, because as Smashwords partners they didn’t cost any extra effort to distribute to.  Diesel only ever made me $5.40 over the 1.5 or so years I’ve been an author, and Sony … Continue reading

Ken Haramiru interviewed on “AuthorChat”

Over the past few months, I’ve gotten to know a particular social circle of erotica authors.  It turns out that one of them, Blue Stour, runs an interview blog called AuthorChat.  Somehow he came to the conclusion I’d be interesting to talk to, and so he did an interview which … Continue reading

Evil Takes Wang, Chapter 6 (expired)

This post’s chapter will expire next Sunday night A while back, I said that I would try posting my next book, “Evil Takes Wang” for free – one chapter at a time.  Today, I am making good on that promise.  Patient, dedicated readers will be able to read the entire … Continue reading

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