Winning the Genetic Lottery 2 (working title)

In “Winning the Genetic Lottery”, When Jim bought his multi-million dollar breeding mansion in a rural county with a low population, no one minded too much.  He paid his taxes, contributed to the local economy, and was a bit of a philanthropist. But when he decided to build a subdivision … Continue reading

New Cupid’s Armorer cover

And so, my experiment in designing effective cover art for Cupid’s Armorer continues.  I’m using this title as a test; I’m trying to find a cover which gets people to take a look at it. The original covers (the second of which is the image on the right) were black … Continue reading

An excerpt from Progenitor 2’s extended edition!

So, just to reassure my readers that I haven’t forgotten about the Progenitor series, here’s an excerpt from Progenitor 2.  If you’ve read the free edition of Progenitor 1, but haven’t read the extended edition… well, they’re designed so that the plot still makes sense, but the extended edition has … Continue reading

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