A couple of interesting pieces on indie publishing

Progenitor2thumbSo, I stumbled upon these interesting articles earlier today.  The first one is more slanted towards publishers – both large and small.  Basically, it makes some really good points about what the KDP Select program does and doesn’t do for authors.


Now, one variable which isn’t tracked in this article matters overwhelmingly to erotic authors: Censorship.  With rare exceptions, Amazon is the most capriciously censor-happy of all the publishers I’ve seen.  And when they won’t ban content “up front”, they’ll flag it to be all but invisible in their searches so that you still don’t sell much of it.  It’s probably a little easier for a publisher to compete against Amazon in the erotica space than the traditional space, given that even our readers get annoyed at the way Amazon hides the content they want from them.

The second article explains how books are ranked in sales, and how easy it is to manipulate traditional brick and mortar best seller lists.  In short, they can say “this book is the #1 best seller” because they printed and shipped more copies of it than anything else – but it doesn’t actually mean it’s selling.  Hilary Clinton’s biography – which is bombing in sales – actually denotes an interesting crack in the armor of the industry as it stands.


Proof that I’m writing… Progenitor 3 opener

This is the opener from Progenitor 3, which at this rate is likely to be the first story I complete on my new laptop.  There’s been some substantial improvements vs the briefly-released free version, and I’m really liking how Amita’s rewrite is going.  Her motivations ranged from psychotic-sounding to petty … Continue reading

Ominous future for Nook readers and Barnes & Noble

Picture is only related in that I’m presently working on the Brent Allen universe a little right now.  But, the main thing I’m writing about is the ominous happenings in the Barnes and Noble world.  B&N has been a nice little company to me – not as worked up about … Continue reading

On Fiction4All’s fascinating failed experiment in pulling erotica – and their perfect response to it

I signed up with Fiction4All as another distribution source for my stories back in April, and have been happy to get a few sales from them. They have a few domains which sound kind of “adult”, and then Fiction4All, which has a mix of everything. A few weeks ago, they … Continue reading

Another erotica distribution network: Fiction4All

So, I’ve now added Fiction4All to my list of distributors. I recently saw a list of erotica distributors, and noticed that there was one I hadn’t heard of: Fiction4all.  I took a look at their author options, and it seems that they act as a distribution hub for a few … Continue reading

Excerpt from “Winning the Genetic Lottery 2″

I realize that I haven’t posted much about my upcoming sequel to “Winning the Genetic Lottery” lately, so this is my apology to those particular fans.  It’s a draft of course, and subject to editing before it goes final.  But, you folks will probably enjoy it just the same. For … Continue reading

Making eBooks Directly Available to Your Readers

It’s been a while since I had anything of deep technical interest to my fellow authors, and today has changed that.  Today, I discovered just what a pain it is to try to make your eBooks available to your readers.  I’m going to walk you through the tools I deployed … Continue reading

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