…and now I have a daughter

Not long ago, my daughter ‘E’ was born.

Another C-section, this one necessary both due to the C-section for my son just 15 months before, and because E was a bit over 11 pounds when born. It seems that I am fated to be the father of ever-larger children, and the next one will likely shake the Earth with his/her first step.

In all seriousness, my wife and I are trying to take a break from having kids for a few years. As much as I love the process of producing babies, I’m finding that I genuinely dislike the actual “baby” stage of the human animal, while I really enjoy the “kid” stage. This works out decently for my wife, because she loves babies and would be fine with me handling the kids – but we need for the previous kid to stop being a baby before we produce the next one. That, and two screaming babies at all hours of the night has been keeping me from getting much written lately.

That having been said, I’ve recently acquired a couple of voice recorders which can record audio at a decent quality, and I’m finally learning to use Dragon effectively. So, I’m hopefully about to reclaim the time I spend driving to and from work every day for writing purposes. I did a test run a few days ago on a shop run, and got a bit over 900 words (mostly accurate too!) transcribed for The Fallback Plan.

Progenitor 3 is released!

So, Progenitor 3 is released and live on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes + Noble, etc. The results are even better than I’d hoped! My favorite feedback is below: OMG the book is amazing!!! Worth the wait — A.L. Harling So now, with the release all finished, I get to get back … Continue reading

Pre-orders of Progenitor 3 for 4/10/17 release!

In my last post, I said I planned to release Progenitor 3 in about two weeks – and that I would work on the eBook formatting between now and then. Well, I managed to get the formatting locked in, then I realized that both Amazon and Smashwords have pre-order systems … Continue reading

Progenitor 3 final draft out to beta readers!

Nearly four years after releasing Progenitor 2, Progenitor 3 is finally out to the beta readers! Unless they happen to spot something glaringly wrong with it, I expect to release it within the next couple of weeks. Until I hear back, I’m going to occupy myself with eBook formatting so … Continue reading

Progenitor 3 nearly finished!

Progenitor 3 is almost finished, finally! I’ve been getting a fair amount of writing done in the evenings lately, and Progenitor 3 has really been coming together. Those who read the version that I posted years ago on the Impregnorium will notice that certain primary points – such as the … Continue reading

Bypassing Amazon’s search filters via Romance.io

So, the clever folks over at Romance.io have implemented a project I kept “thinking of” for years. In the IT world, people think of useful stuff all the time, and sooner or later it someone implements it. This was one of those ideas where the world needed it, and the … Continue reading

Credit where credit’s due – Amazon’s Echo helps me write

I’m not a tech blogger, but a couple pieces of tech did actually change my life I can and do reserve the right to say what I like about Amazon’s e-book related practices. I’m really not a fan of the way they treat erotica authors or their erotica customers. However, … Continue reading

Just realized I haven’t blogged about Volume 2 of my breeding erotica!

This isn’t a release of new content, but I recently published the second volume of my breeding anthology, which brings the anthology collection up to date with what I’ve already published. It’s available on Amazon as a 90-day exclusive, which is so that subscribers to the Netflix-style Kindle Unlimited service … Continue reading

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